November 22, 2005

Obligatory Driving

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I believe that drivers are obligated to follow a certain set of rules. It’s not really written down anywhere but should be followed nonetheless. If everyone follow these simple rules, people will be able to get there quicker with less chance of accidents. The idea is to get from point A to point B as fast as possible while other can get there just as fast.

Obligatory Rules:

  • Drive with the traffic. If the speed limit is 60mph and everyone other than you is going 70mph, then GO 70mph. This will keep the people behind you from having to either slow down or try to change lanes just to pass you.
  • Keep a good distance between the car in front. This does not mean to keep a distance of 20 car lengths which is too much or 1 car length which is too small. Somewhere between 2-3 car length should be fine. I know what the scientists tell you that the faster you are going the more distance you are required to break and you will need 18 car lengths to brake while going 60mph, but that means only if the car in front hits a brick wall and stops instantly otherwise the car in front should also be slowing down and trying to brake just like you. Note: Don’t follow car into brick wall.
  • When the light turns green, GO. Stay close to the car in front of you so that the car behind you have a better chance to clear the lights. I don’t mean that you should park in the trunk of the car in front of you but don’t hang back until the lights turn yellow before you go either. (unless you want to piss off the person behind you)
  • When the light turns red, STOP. You should stop so that it does not hold the other cars from going either. Because if you ignore the lights then they will do the same when it’s their turn. It’s a vicious cycle that need to be stopped.
  • Use your blinkers. It’s there for you to tell others that you want to change lanes or turn. The lever is conviently located near your hand that should be on the steering wheel. How hard is it to just flick the lever? Do it for your sake and the other people around you.
  • Stop using your blinkers! Don’t mean to be contradictory but once you are done using your blinkers, please, please, turn it off. We don’t want mixed signals. Not from girls and not from cars.
  • Stop signs. Rules are simple, first person there gets to go first. If it’s a multi-lane stop sign, then take turns. All the front cars in a direction goes first, then the next direction gets to go and so forth. It’s just a sequence.

Hollow Body Electric = Not Hollow Sound

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I may be a bassist but looking at this baby makes me want to pick up an electric guitar instead. The open architecture suppose to create a rich full sound like no other guitars on the market. Next time I’m at a music store, I’m definitely looking if they have one of these for me to try.

November 21, 2005

Fine Line

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There seems to be a fine line between Genius, Idoit, and Crazy.

November 17, 2005


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If you are like me, then you are carrying around a laptop, a PDA, a MP3 player, and a cell phone all the time, and that’s just going to work. Well, have created a new nifty charger that will charge just about every device you have at the same time. No more carrying 4 different chargers when traveling. Don’t get all the excited just yet though. The device is labeled as “coming soon” on their site.

Combotronic Cable

Laziness is the Spawn of Inventions

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You are sitting cozy on your couch at home and decided it’s time to go to bed. But you are just waaaaay too lazy to reach over to turn off the light before you get up. Well, now you don’t have to. Just get up and the pressure sensitive switch will automatically turn off for you.

Gosh, how much lazier can human beings get. Pretty soon we’ll have an automatic nose picker.


Product by NOATEK in Japan.

November 16, 2005

Instant Labeling Tape

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Label Tape

Instant Labeling Tape is just pure simplicity and genius combined. Only thing needed is a permanet black marker and you get instant signs. Brought to you by:

Interesting Flash Puzzle Game – The Package

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If you want to stimulate your brain a little, try out this Flash game. It’s not that hard but interesting.

Life is like the ride to work on Monday morning…

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Life is like the ride to work on Monday morning.  When you first open your eyes you see the bright light and it’s not very comfortable.  You get out of bed and realize it’s much nicer to be able to just stay in bed.  Then the drive starts.  It takes a long time to just get out of your neighborhood where everything and everyone is familiar to you.  Then you get out in the world and see that there are so many people out on the street trying to get to their destination too.  Some of them would do anything to be in front.  The road is curvy and full of up and downs.  There’s also so many bumps and accidents on the way that you have to be able to avoid.  Half way there you’re thinking that this drive sucks and feel depress.  You should have gotten a different car.  The route you have taken might not be a good idea either.  Third of the way there you are thinking it might not be a bad choice after all.  Who knows what you might have run into if you had taken a different route.  Finally, after a very long time of driving you are getting to your destination, you realize it’s not a bad drive after all.  All the bad things did happen but that’s all behind you.  You get to your destination and think that it might have been much better to just stay in bed…

November 10, 2005

To Warranty or Not To Warranty?

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There’s many many sites out there that keep saying that buying warranties from stores are a rip off.  However, with my experience with Best Buy, I have to say that buying their warranty is a good idea.  I’m not sure if it is because I am just unlucky and keep getting bad products or not but having a Best Buy warranty have helped me out with 2 mp3 players, 1 camcorder, and 1 digital camera already.  Each time, either Best Buy fixes it or the just let me go get a new product from one of their shelves no question asked.  I say, if the product is in excess of $300 then a warranty from Best Buy is a good idea.  I didn’t buy the warranty for the DVD Player that I bought though because the player was $60 and the warranty was like $40.  For that much, I’ll go buy a new DVD player.  So all in all, I’ll buy a warranty again from Best Buy.

Techy or Geeky?

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Sometimes it doesn’t pay to be on the cutting edge of technology.

Geeky Techy

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