November 16, 2005

Life is like the ride to work on Monday morning…

Filed under: Thoughts — inVINCEble @ 2:28 pm

Life is like the ride to work on Monday morning.  When you first open your eyes you see the bright light and it’s not very comfortable.  You get out of bed and realize it’s much nicer to be able to just stay in bed.  Then the drive starts.  It takes a long time to just get out of your neighborhood where everything and everyone is familiar to you.  Then you get out in the world and see that there are so many people out on the street trying to get to their destination too.  Some of them would do anything to be in front.  The road is curvy and full of up and downs.  There’s also so many bumps and accidents on the way that you have to be able to avoid.  Half way there you’re thinking that this drive sucks and feel depress.  You should have gotten a different car.  The route you have taken might not be a good idea either.  Third of the way there you are thinking it might not be a bad choice after all.  Who knows what you might have run into if you had taken a different route.  Finally, after a very long time of driving you are getting to your destination, you realize it’s not a bad drive after all.  All the bad things did happen but that’s all behind you.  You get to your destination and think that it might have been much better to just stay in bed…


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