December 27, 2005

King’s Mother’s Palace

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A view from northern Thailand from the balcony of the King’s Mother’s palace.

King's Mother's Palace


December 26, 2005

Amazing Water!

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At an island called Koh Larn. Koh means island in Thai where as Larn is the name of the island. The water was amazing. Couldn’t ask for a better weather. The only unfortunate thing was that we didn’t have a whole day to spend there.

Ocean View

December 25, 2005

Dawn of a New Day

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The sunrise viewed from Longbeach Hotel balcony in North Pattaya

Balcony View

Longbeach Hotel Balcony

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Balcony View

December 24, 2005

Chinese Lion Statue – FYI

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Since it is too heavy to pick up and look underneath, it is easier to distinguish the sex of a Chinese lion by looking at the paw. If it there is a ball underneath the paw, then the lion is a male. If it is a baby lion, then the statue is a female.

Chinese Male Lion Statue  Chinese Female Lion Statue

Chinese Temple/Museum

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At the chinese temple/museum in Pattaya, Thailand. Very interesting place and house more than several thousand statues.

Chinese Temple

December 22, 2005


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Finally on my vacation and flying above Russia. No matter the view, still kinda hate to fly.

View from Airplane

December 1, 2005

Some Pictures From MS .NET Launch in Dallas

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.NET Lauch 1  .NET Lauch 2

Not a bad turn out.

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