September 12, 2006

Social Atlas Sites

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What is a Social Atlas Site? Think of it as a place where you can map points of interests for you to either keep or share with others. It is a very interesting concepts and might be considered a new emerging media. There are several sites that offer you this service and all are currently free others may charge in the future. Of these, I have tried Platial and Wayfaring. Both of these are pretty good my opinion. Platial user interface for uploading pictures and associating it with the point of interest is a little more intuitive. Wayfaring, however, allows upload of video. I will have to play with both of these sites a little more before deciding which one to use.

Update 09/13/2006: Well it was pointed out to me from Deisnor of that their system does allow video.  All you need to do is embed the video into the Description section of the place you are adding.  Thank you Deisnor for your information.

Platial Screenshot
Platial Screenshot

via PCWorld Magazine:,126834/article.html


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  1. Glad you stoppe by. If you’re looking to add video you can embed in the description field. Here is a map by Wenolyne who has video footage of shop owners. Pretty funny.

    Comment by deisnor — September 13, 2006 @ 4:52 am

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