October 31, 2006

Net Snippets – Virtual Scissors for Web Pages

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Imagine if you will, a newspaper.  You want to be able to cut snippets of the newspaper out for later reading or keeping a record of some information you are interested in.  Now fast forward to today and you are on the Internet wanting to do the same thing you did back in the old days.  To serve those of us who wants a snippet of the web is Net Snippets.  It does what it sounds like.  It helps you document and take snippets of websites and store them on your hard drive.  It’s a great researching tool that I use on a constant basis when doing a paper.  The program retain the snippet of information you wanted.  Some information even gets populated automatically.  For example, you browse to a site and decide to take a snippet of a particular page.  Net Snippets will pull down all the text, the URL that you were at, and the date that the page was last updated.

Platform: Windows
Price: Free for Free Edition (go figure)

Net Snippets


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  1. Even Keepoint is too good.Netsnippets is not as easy to use as Keepoint.It makes Internet search,saving and organizing very smooth.

    Comment by Jack — December 4, 2006 @ 10:47 am

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