November 22, 2006

Net Transport – Good Downloader

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As you may have noticed, I have a lot of programs and utilities.  Of course, I have to get them to my PC somehow in order to install them.  Well, I have tried several downloaders and by far my favorite is Net Transport.  It’s definitely a foreign company that came up with this but you have to handle it to them, they did a good job.  After installing Net Transport, the user can just click on a link to a file and a new menu option will show up that says “Download by Net Transport”.  Net Transport would then startup and download the file.  If right clicking on the page, the new menu option will say “Download all by Net Transport”.  Net Transport would parse the page and list all the available files that can be downloaded.  The user can then just check the files and the download will be queued.  One feature that I like is the ability to create categories.  When downloading a file, the user is given a choice of what category the file is in.  The file will then be placed in the folder that is defined by you when you created the category.  This particular program is free but it has nagware

Platform: Windows
Price: Free – nagware ($24.95 to get rid of nagware)

Net Transport


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