September 6, 2006

Vista Right Now!

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Hurry, while not many people now about it yet.  Microsoft just released Windows Vista Release Candidate 1.  You can go here to get your copy.

However, you will need a key.  Go here to get a key.  It looks like they are not offereing the keys yet but check back and they should post information on how to get your very own Windows Vista RC1 key.

Good luck.


Wiki For You and Me

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You probably have heard what a Wiki is. Most of you probably have played around with Wikis. But to personally have one for yourself whether at work or home, probably not so much. Well, I ran into something pretty cool and have been using it for several months now is a personal Wiki called TiddlyWiki. As the name implies, it is rather small and works best just on your personal computer. It behaves very similar to other Wikis except it opens everything within one window.
Go to here to see for yourself:
TiddlyWiki Tutorial:

I am currently using it at work to be able to make entries and journals on a daily basis of important information. I also have all the important links for my work in easy access in an entry called “WorkLinks”.  An entry in TiddlyWiki is called a “Tiddler”. I then have a shortcut to this Tiddler on my main menu. With that, I can access all the links I need.

You do not need HTML knowledge to use TiddlyWiki but you will benefit greatly if you look at the tutorial because there’s certain tricks and tips on how to use the Wiki to it’s fullest extent. For example, if you would like to have a link in the entry and have it say “Click here” rather than the actual URL, then you will need to write it in a particular format.
Example: [[Click here|]]

December 24, 2005

Chinese Lion Statue – FYI

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Since it is too heavy to pick up and look underneath, it is easier to distinguish the sex of a Chinese lion by looking at the paw. If it there is a ball underneath the paw, then the lion is a male. If it is a baby lion, then the statue is a female.

Chinese Male Lion Statue  Chinese Female Lion Statue

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